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Welcome to Husker E-Cigs of Omaha, NE! We provide electronic cigarettes and electronic cigarette batteries. We have a large vaping bar to try out our line of flavors. Vaping is a better alternative than smoking.

Electronic cigarettes are designed to feel just like a real cigarette and taste much better. Because they do not contain tobacco, there is no tar, carbon monoxide, or deadly additives. No more smoke smell lingering on your clothes, car, or house.

Electronic Cigarette Battery - Omaha, NE - Husker E-Cigs


  • E-cig battery: the rechargeable power source and the main body of your electronic cigarette.
  • Atomizer: a heating element that turns eLiquid into vapor.
  • Cartridge: does double duty as the mouthpiece for your e-cig and also acts as a small reservoir to hold eLiquid and distribute it to the atomizer.
  • Cartomizer: A cartridge with an atomizer built into it. They benefit from larger capacity than standard cartridges, but have a much shorter lifespan than a standard atomizer.


  • Joyetech
  • Big Red Vapor
  • Vermillon River
  • New Kanger Tanks
  • Halo products
  • Red X
  • eVic
  • Provari's
  • VAMO
  • Zmax

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Husker E-Cigs
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